The Woods

Taylor Swift made me think about Jesus today. So I think I’ll write about it.

Being an optimist and a little bit of a dreamer I spend a lot of time thinking of happier ever afters. If life is a little out of sorts, it’s okay because once I reach ____________ all will be just fine.

But in the more recent years I’ve been learning that this philosophy asks for a whole lot of waiting and a whole lot less of LIVING.

If we spend our lives waiting for life to get a little easier
a little more like we planned
a little less busy
Will we ever really live?

Because if you think about it- we’re never really out of the woods. There will always be something we’re learning, fighting, working through.

And while most of us spend our energy searching for the light at the edge- I’m wondering how much God is trying to show us right where we are. Right in the middle of our mess.

In response to worry & the future, Jesus says in Matthew 6- “SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God”.
not seek first all the answers
not seek first a happy ever after
not seek first a way out

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness- and all these things will be added to you as well.”

W o w. So maybe God really doesn’t want to fix us and all our struggles as much as He just wants us. Wants our eyes. Wants us close.

Whatever journey you’re on, however dark your woods- EYES UP. Don’t miss out.

God has something for you here too.




a child at heart and a dreamer. living by His grace & purpose.

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