Yeah, I’ve had those days.

The messy ones. The ones where you wake up feeling ready to move mountains and lay down feeling a mountain sitting right on top of you.

Sometimes I think that all we really want is the formula. How to get from step A to making our giant mark on the world. 

And some days inside the four walls of my little first-grade classroom I feel like the only mark I’ve made is scribbling a few long i vowel sounds across the whiteboard.

Like somehow my everyday could come close to changing this giant place.

And then there’s Jesus.

The one who takes this whole world and everything we feel about life and the measure of success and flips it all upside down.

Because from the very beginning of time, in the wake of creation itself- hasn’t God always been in the business of creating something out of nothing?

It’s out of dust that we were born into this whole world (Genesis 2:7). Dust across the ground. Dust doesn’t have gifts, passions, attributes. And somehow he takes it and molds it into this living being. Alive and breathing and moving.

And I think- If he can do THAT. Then surely He can take us and the little that we feel we have to offer this world and give that some life too.

Because no matter how we feel about what we’ve been handed- He always gives enough.

And it’s always enough to be abundant grace to someone else.

In Luke 19 Jesus tells the Parable of the Talents in which a master entrusts 3 of his servants with different shares of his possessions, each according to their own ability. To the first, he gives 5 talents, or bags of gold, and immediately the man goes out and works to make 5 more. To the second, he gives 2 talents, and likewise, the man works to multiply what he has been given, making 2 more. To the third, the master gives 1 talent. But the man, too afraid to offer the world what he’s been given, hides it and buries it in the ground. He returns the 1 talent back to his master and is rebuked for his laziness and immorality.

And I see it so much today. The people God’s created- given different passions, gifts, attributes… How often do we take what we have and standing small and in fear in front of this giant world hide it all and say “it’s not enough”.

You see, in the parable, it was never about how much the servants had been given. It was about the value that they held to what they’d been given- and in turn, how much they multiplied it with their lives.

Can you imagine a world where each individual person walked in the purpose and promise of who they alone were created to be? The big jobs & the little ones alike.

Because aren’t the small jobs the big jobs too when done with whole lot of love.

How incredible to hear these words when standing at the gates of heaven- the same words of the master to his servants who multiplied what they’d been given:

“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” Luke 19:21

I think life gets a lot simpler when we realize that our joy and fulfillment doesn’t come in making our lives bigger but in making Christ bigger with our lives.

I know, always backwards.

But that’s a life that blossoms. The life that realizes that they were created and molded and intricately designed for something far greater than just their own agenda. The life that wakes up each morning and grabs ahold of His new mercies and walks into the world unashamed of their far-from cookie cutter life.

Because God doesn’t use cookie cutters, He creates originals.

And all is weaved & intertwined into something absolutely beautiful- in all its imperfections.

Nothing wasted.

I think that’s my favorite thing about life and our stories and His promise-
the way that love always wins.




a child at heart and a dreamer. living by His grace & purpose.

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