Author: Emily Jo


To the Empty Heart, Christmas Is For You.

So we've been hearing it for weeks now. The echoes of all of the Christmas carols trying to convince us that it really is the most wonderful time of the year. And in the back of our minds it's hard not to think of our…


Yeah, I've had those days. The messy ones. The ones where you wake up feeling ready to move mountains and lay down feeling a mountain sitting right on top of you. Sometimes I think that all we really want is the formula. How to get from step A…

The Woods

Taylor Swift made me think about Jesus today. So I think I’ll write about it. Being an optimist and a little bit of a dreamer I spend a lot of time thinking of happier ever afters. If life is a little out of sorts, it’s…

Lover of Emptiness

The Bible has a lot to say about idolatry. In Isaiah 44, we are presented with the picture of a blacksmith hard at work- working with all his strength to build up a carved image of a man.
“He shapes [it] with hammers, he forges it with the might of his arm” (vs. 12).
He grows exhausted and weak. Yet he still bows down to it praying, “Save me; you are my god” (vs. 17).

Free to Run

Summertime, back roads, country air. Windows down, music up.

Something about it just makes everything feel okay in the world.

The other day, I'm driving alone in the car just thinking about life, and its mysteries, and change. And a song came on the radio that really just stuck with me.
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